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Collar Sizing Information

You may remove or add links to adjust the size of your collar.

1.5mm Micro Collars

Link Thickness: 1.5mm

Sizing: Neck Size Up To: 11" (11.5" with Buckle)


2.25mm Collars
Link Thickness: 2.25mm
Link Length: 1.2 inches
Sizing: Neck Size Up To: 14" (14.5" with Buckle)

3.0mm Collars
Link Thickness: 3.0mm
Link Length: 1.4 inches
Neck Size Up To: 20" (20.5" with Buckle)

3.2mm Collars
Link Thickness: 3.2mm
Link Length: 1.5 inches

Neck Size Up To: 20" (20.5" with Buckle)

4.0mm Collars

Link Thickness: 4.0mm
Link Length: 2 inches
Neck Size Up To: 23" (23.5" with Buckle)


If you need extra links, please check the accessories page to see if they're in stock!

What size collar should I get and how do I use it?
As a dog trainer, I love teaching people how to properly use training tools! However, I likely don't know you or your dog, so I suggest contacting an experienced trainer local to you for proper fit and instruction on any type of training collar. See the 
Find a Trainer page to see a list of trainers I know around the US and Canada that are experienced with my buckles and the proper use of prong collars. If you don't see anyone on the list near you or need additional help, feel free to reach out and I will help however I can.

Click here for more frequently asked questions.

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