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anatomy of a prong collar
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The Anatomy of a Prong Collar

Featured: 3.0mm Chrome Herm Sprenger Prong collar.

All the prong collars include the martingale chain, two end links, eight total middle links, and a center plate.

The 2.25mm and 3.2mm Curogan collars come with two circle rings, no swivel.

  • Is a prong collar right for my dog?
    As a dog trainer, I love teaching people how to properly use training equipment! The best answer to this question will come from an experienced dog trainer that knows you and your dog. I strongly recommend finding an experienced professional near you. Please see our find a trainer page or reach out to me if you have trouble finding someone.
  • Will Katie's Buckles work for my collar?
    The buckles only work with Herm Sprenger collars that have two end links and a center dividing plate. The buckle replaces the center plate, so it is important that your collar has opposite facing links to work with this design. See "The Anatomy of a Prong Collar" at the top of this page.
  • Will the buckle add length to my collar?
    The buckles are about ½ inch longer than the middle plate. You may need to remove a link from your existing collar when adding a buckle.
  • What is the sizing and design of the buckles?
    Buckles for 2.25mm : 3/4" Katie’s Buckles laser engraved aluminum buckle with holes specifically designed to fit the 2.25mm prong links. Buckles for 3mm/3.2mm : 3/4" Katie’s Buckles laser engraved aluminum buckle with prong links mechanically attached and typically will not come out by hand. I cannot accept returns on buckles damaged by attempting to remove the links.
  • What is the material of the buckles?
    All buckles are aluminum metal. The silver and slate buckles are nickel plated. The black and antique brass buckles are powder coated.
  • Will any of these collars stain my dog's white fur?
    Believe it or not, some owners have reported discoloration on white coats from their collars. Unfortunately no full refunds on used items even for this reason.
  • Do you have a Loyalty Program?
    Yes! You can sign up for the loyalty rewards at checkout. $1 spent = 1 point. 5% off the entire sale 100 Points = 5% off for all store products 7% off the entire sale 200 Points = 7% off for all store products 10% off the entire sale 500 Points = 10% off for all store products To enroll or sign in please visit Katie's Buckles Loyalty Program. Once logged into your account you should see the Loyalty Point tab on your account profile. From there you should see your points available, and below there will be a list of the reward tiers. Once you click on the button to redeem the code on the corresponding line, it should allow you to redeem the points. A copy-and-paste coupon code will appear and you can apply it at checkout.
  • Do you sell wholesale to dog trainers and pet professionals?
    Please see Wholesale Inquiry to submit a form for quantity discounts. If you would like to be added to the Find a Trainer page, please see Trainer Directory Inquiry.
  • What is our Link Buy-Back Program?
    I am happy to purchase extra links (20+) that you aren’t using! The links must be Herm Sprenger brand and not bent or damaged at all. We provide payment of $1-a-link plus the shipping cost. Please email us a copy of your shipping receipt and the total number of links you are sending. Please provide us with either your PayPal or Venmo information for payment. Payment of links and reimbursed shipping cost will be sent upon receiving your package.
  • Shipping & Return Policy
    Shipping & Return Policy

Herm Sprenger Collar Information

*Note: some owners have reported discoloration on white coats from their collars. No full refunds on used items even for this reason. Please see the refund and return policy for more information*

All collars and links purchased from us are genuine Herm Sprenger. These collars are also known as "pinch collars" or "training collars", but I refer to them as "prong collars". Herm Sprenger Collar FAQs.


Collar Materials
Chrome collars: steel chrome-plated
Black stainless steel collars: black coated stainless steel
Stainless steel collars: stainless steel metal
Curogan collars: copper-tin alloy that doesn't rust (but they will patina!) and are great for dogs with sensitive skin or nickel allergies (there is nickel in chrome plating).
*Note: Stainless does not mean they will "stain less" on your dog. All collars have been reported to stain or darken some dog's white fur.

Curogan Care:
Curogan collars can patina (a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period), similar to any item made with copper such as a copper bottom pot or a US penny. This is completely normal, and you may slow this by drying your collar after an outing with your dog. If it's exposed to a lot of salt water or dirt, you may also rinse with water and then give it a really good drying. This patina may darken the coat of a white or very light-colored dog. You can certainly clean the copper in various methods. I've personally used the "boil in vinegar" option described in this article: How to clean copper
One of the great benefits of this copper collar is the ability to clean the patina in the future, and it corrodes at insignificant rates. With the chrome plated collars, you may clean the surface rust, but if left too long it can corrode quicker and eat the chrome plating and steel.


The 2.25mm Curogan collars have a slightly thicker martingale chain than the black and chrome collars. The 2.25mm and 3.2mm Curogan collars do not have swivel d-rings on the chain.

More information:

  • Collars are sent with the buckle attached and the center dividing plate is included within the package.

  • The black and curogan collars do not come in the 3.0mm size.

  • The 3.0mm and 3.2mm links are minimally different sizes and will fit into each other.

  • Please note: some owners have reported discoloration on white coats from their collars. No full refunds on used items even for this reason. Yes, this is the fourth time mentioned on this page ;)

Prong Collar Safety
Always remove a prong collar if your dog is unsupervised, tied up, or playing with other dogs. The buckles and collars are not designed to come off on their own, but for any prong collar, (with a buckle or not), please use a safety back-up method in case your collar does come off during use. Katie's Buckles is not responsible for any damage or injuries. The customer assumes all risk and liability.

Sizing Guide

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