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Our Story

Hi, thanks for visiting! I'm a Certified Dog Trainer with the International Association of Canine Professionals and teach at My Dogs Mind in Hampton, NH. My dogs are Gaucho, a Belgian Malinois, and Zen, a Min-Pin rescue mix. My time is spent teaching private lessons and group classes, expanding my dog training education, running this buckle business, and hiking with my dogs!

Katie with her two dogs
paw prints

About Us

Katie McHugh IACP-CDT

Since 2012, I've seen owners struggle with their prong collars and try many types of easy-on products that are ineffective.

In 2017, I started designing my own solution to prong collar problems. Owners and trainers needed something simple and easy to use, without unnecessary and flimsy plastic hardware. After a year of testing with my own dogs, I began offering the buckles to owners and trainers.

Now, my buckles are in every state of the US and in so many countries all over the world. I have a small business space here in NH and a couple of great people on the team that provide excellent customer service and help me keep the wheels turning! Our main goal is to help people in any capacity we can, and continue developing solutions to aid us in training our dogs.

Katie, Gaucho, and Zen by Little Redd Photography in Maine

Get to Know Your Dog

Please contact a professional dog trainer for instruction with the proper use of a prong collar.

To locate someone, try my Find a Trainer page.

More information on buckles, collars, and everything!

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